Cultivating Nonprofit Leadership: A (missed) Philanthropic Opportunity

March, 2015

by Niki Jagpal and Ryan Schlegel

What kind of leadership development do social change-makers need to be successful? How can foundations measure the impact of leadership development? The NCRP “Cultivating Nonprofit Leadership” Report answers these questions and offers recommendations to foundations that wish to invest in the current and future leaders of social justice movements. …  


Vision and Voice: The Role of Leadership and Dialogue in Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

April 2014

by Philanthropy Northwest, D5 Coalition, Seattle University Nonprofit Leadership Program

This study was divided into two parts. We began with personal interviews of 23 philanthropic leaders in the Pacific Northwest. In order to better understand how these organizations incorporated diversity, equity, and inclusion into their work and workplaces, we collected baseline information about their staff composition, leadership styles, and organizational practices/policies. …  


Trust Based Investment Survey Summary Dec 2014

December 2014

by Lindsay Green-Barber

“How do others in the philanthropic sector perceive and value The Whitman Institute’s 9 Key Practices in Trust-Based Investment?” This was the question we set out to answer in October, 2014 through two surveys, one administered to a group of The Whitman Institute (TWI) grantees and a second to a pool of TWI peer foundations. In total, 23 grantees and 17 peer foundations completed the surveys (7 anonymously).


Key Findings from The Whitman Institute 2013 Grantee Perception Report

August 2013

by Austin Long, Manager, Center for Effective Philanthropy Emily Giudice, Research Analyst, Center for Effective Philanthropy

Given our commitment to asking for and acting on feedback, TWI solicited feedback from grantees through a third party evaluator. The findings and recommendations from this grantee perception report spurred TWI to be bolder in turning towards influencing other funders and investors towards a more equitable giving practice. …  


From The Kids’ Table To The Adults’ Table – Taking Relationships Seriously in a World of Networks

July 2013

by John Esterle, Malka Kopell, & Palma Strand

“We are seeing concrete examples of what can happen when funders recognize relationships as having a place at the theory-of-change table.” The authors, including TWI’s own Co-Executive Director John Esterle and partners from the Civity Networks Project, make a case for taking more seriously the role that relationships play in social change. …  

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