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In Between: 3 Tips to Transition from One Leadership Role to the Next

By Pia Infante
At the end of May, I took time off between my previous job at Rockwood directing transformational capacity building work and a new role as Co-Executive Director of The Whitman Institute (TWI). I was leaving a beloved and highly time intensive non-profit role for a new one that held the exciting promise of intentional co-leadership and experimentation in philanthropy.

A of couple of months post transition, I reflect back on the “in between” period with some levity, and clarity.

Well before I started at TWI, I recall telling myself, and others: “I haven’t started yet, let me get back to you after I’ve started!” I was demonstrating a phenomenon I’ve witnessed often – shortchanging …   Read more

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Be the Cheetah! Nonprofit Leadership For Our Time

CJ CallenBy CJ CallenOriginally posted at: recently scanning The New York Times I came across this promo for the article “Cheetahs’ Secret Weapon: A Tight Turning Radius”:“A study shows that the large feline’s key to hunting success is not its speed but its skill at leaping sideways, changing directions abruptly, and slowing down quickly.”Perhaps no truer set of words capture what it takes to effectively lead a nonprofit organization in 2013. In the past, I have observed a reverence for powerful organizations that move quickly (though not necessarily adeptly or with finesse). Accelerating at their rapid pace they tend to catch the attention of investors, which fuels the cycle of speed and power. Of course, …   Read more

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Stories (and StoryTellers) That Change Lives

March 23, 2011By Nick ChalledIn 2009, On The Move had the opportunity to host the annual retreat of the S.H. Cowell Foundation Board of Directors, with the goal of effectively sharing the story, message and mission of the McPherson Neighborhood Initiative. Of course, a desired outcome of sharing our story was for the Board to remain committed to its partnership with On The Move. However, the process of developing and sharing out story was perhaps the most impactful on the “story-tellers” themselves.When beginning to develop the collective story of the McPherson Neighborhood for the S.H. Cowell Retreat, wewere unclear …   Read more

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