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Putting Trust at the Center of Foundation Work

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on the Center for Effective Philanthropy’s blog:

As a foundation that sees relationships as a key component of philanthropy and social change, The Whitman Institute (TWI) applauds CEP’s recent report, Relationships Matter: Program Officers, Grantees, and the Keys to Success. It may seem like common sense that grantees and funders alike …   Read more

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“This Is Civity” Radio Show Podcast

TWI grantee Civity has launched the Civity Radio Show Podcast series to explore different aspects of building civity — civity framed as people working across divides to address civic challenges rooted in inequities. In conversation with program host, Gina Balleria, Civity Co-Founders Malka Kopell and Palma Strand kicked off the series, followed by an interview …   Read more

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Exploring the Restrictions on Unrestricted Funding: Part III

Knowing my own history with TWI, someone recently asked me for advice. As a non-profit board member, she was struggling with how to handle the anger she often feels when dealing with wealthy donors who make everything about them rather than the people and organization they are donating to. Not an uncommon dilemma of course. …   Read more

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Philanthrogeek interviews John Esterle for Philanthrogeek xChange 5

Philanthrogeek author Nathaniel James did several interviews for his Philanthrogeek xChange series. He interviewed our very own John Esterle about TWI’s unique approach to grant-making and how TWI supports organizations and leaders that do work to cultivate dialogue. The original interview and Nathaniel’s introductory write up can be found here on the Philanthrogeek website. John has been with TWI …   Read more

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