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Real Talk on the Real Deal of Unrestricted Funding

While a handful of notable institutional moves toward unrestricted funding have cropped up lately, it is still the case that most funding continues to be program restricted. Here’s a short video where TWI’s own core grantees and funder partners provide “real talk” on what unrestricted funding allows and inspires them and their organizations to do.

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When Restrictions Apply

[First posted on Stanford Social Innovation Review blog]

Why general funding for nonprofit organizations is the future of innovation.

By Jocelyn Wyatt
Seven nonprofit leaders stood anxiously at the front of the room, peering out at a group of philanthropists who had gathered at the Battery, a social club in San Francisco. The topic of the night was …   Read more

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Exploring the Restrictions on Unrestricted Funding: Part II

As I pondered where to start my series of reflections on barriers to multi-year, unrestricted funding, a scene from two years ago came to mind: I was at The Center for Effective Philanthropy’s national conference in Detroit. It was the “Q&A” portion of a plenary session on the meeting’s last day and someone stood up …   Read more

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Reconstructing Philanthropy from the Outside In

This article was originally published here
A funder-to-funder take on how to create breakthrough social change.
The Empire State Building is one of the seven modern wonders of the world. Yet when it was built, the most revolutionary aspect wasn’t its architecture or the height. The less-acclaimed, quantum leap was in the construction practices that the contractor, …   Read more

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Exploring the Restrictions on Unrestricted Funding: An Introduction

While I am happy to acknowledge that many foundations provide long term, unrestricted funding, a question I’ve had for a long time about philanthropy writ large still persists:
Why is it that the one thing most nonprofits say they need – multiyear, unrestricted funding – is the one thing many foundations won’t give them?
It’s not for lack …   Read more

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