The Whitman Institute advances social, political, and economic equity by funding dialogue, relationship building, and inclusive leadership. Our multi-issue portfolio reflects this belief with trust-based investments in civic and community engagement, leadership development, human rights, movement building, and media and journalism. Our model has been to provide multi-year, unrestricted funding, while making targeted grants to support emerging opportunities as they arise. This dual approach has enabled us to provide long-term, predictable grants to core partners with enough room to be nimble and responsive.

Multi-Year Support

We are no longer soliciting new grantees for multi-year unrestricted support as we prepare to spend down. Find out more about our current grantees here.

Annual Grants

For many years, Annual Grants complemented our multi-year strategy by allowing us to resource emergent and responsive work. Our Rapid Response Fund now fulfills this function. Find out more about TWI’s previous annual grantees here.

Rapid Response Fund

We have allocated a portion of our funds to protect and build power within communities most vulnerable to the rollback of civil and human rights under the current administration. This discretionary fund allows us to provide rapid response funds to values-aligned groups advocating for and with vulnerable communities. In addition to this, we have partnered with Defending the Dream to allocate a portion of these funds toward a collective effort to boost grassroots organizing for and with targeted communities.

See our rapid response grantees to date here.