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With Or Without God

A couple of experiences of late call my attention to a rather large question.
First, I sang with my choir at the How Sweet The Sound gospel choir competition to 13,000 people who congregated to hear gospel music… which is, well, about God, or Spirit, or the Universe, or the Divine Essence, or the vast Unknown, or the power of Song ~ however it strikes you. It struck me with the roar of thousands that this crowd, which easily filled Oakland’s Oracle arena, was by far the largest gathering of people I’d seen in months and months. Larger than any protests or rallies I’ve attended or driven past on any number of issues at the city, state, and national levels.
Second, I …   Read more

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Indepedent Sector's Future Lab: They Built It and They're Not Coming

By John EsterleI recently got another email from Independent Sector trying to solicit input and ideas for Future Lab: An Ongoing Challenge for the Nonprofit Community to Chart a Vibrant 2020. The Lab is a well-intentioned effort to promote online dialogue and collaborative thinking that IS has clearly devoted considerable time, energy, and money to. The Lab is one part of IS’ Envisioning Our Future initiative that was kicked off in July with their Strategy Lab convening in Colorado.Unfortunately, hardly anyone — including me — is taking up their invitation to participate online.My non-participation brings to mind my own recent post about the challenge of people not leaving comments on blogs. So why haven’t I participated? Here’s some of what …   Read more

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Re-Launching the TWI Blog

By John EsterleWhen we first launched our blog* in the fall of 2006 I dipped my toes in the water with a few reflections, but seeing consistently zero comments gave me pause. Writing is usually a struggle for me, so when doubts — who was reading, whether anything I was saying was of interest, blah blah — predictably raised their heads, I pulled back. Indeed, it’s been over two years since I posted anything.TWI Fellow, Edd Conboy, however, didn’t lose hope that the blog might be a source of connection, conversation, and community and has faithfully contributed occasional posts. I’m grateful for his perseverance. And zero comments is still the norm for what he posts….Edd recently wrote to me “that …   Read more

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