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Trust As A Starting Point Reflections on Trust Based Grantmaking

What if we as funders started with trust, instead of making potential partners “earn” it?  Vu Le starts our sibling blog posts today by questioning the assumption that grant seekers need to prove their basic trustworthiness to funders. Indeed, up-ending this premise has been inherent in TWI’s approach since we started making grants.

TWI’s 9 Practices of …   Read more

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Trust As A Starting Point Reflections on Trust Based Grantmaking">

What’s M.I.A. (Missing In Action) in the GOP Debates?

As last night’s debate demonstrated again, the GOP debates in this 2016 election season look more like ridiculous reality television than robust, complex, and respectful discussion of matters of meaning – particularly in addressing the deep needs and divides of this nation.  One ancient definition of debate is to “smash together” which certainly seems to be …   Read more

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Piercing the Illusion: A Culture of Political Art

[image artwork by Opal Tometi]
I’ve been deeply moved by the stories and images from the Cleveland conference that brought together over 1500 leaders spearheading the movement for black lives.
Like the catalysts for my musings on Feeding the Philanthropic Imagination, the inspirations from Cleveland provide a potent and timely example of rewriting narratives towards social transformation.
The #BlackLivesMatter …   Read more

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Would You Rather Be Ethical or Effective?

At my first session at the Ashoka Future Forum called “Scaling Trust,” I witnessed again the power of story and vulnerability.  A woman of color executive director leading a movement of thousands strong asked a room full of social entrepreneurs, nonprofit executives, funders, and investors: In fundraising, why do I so often have to choose between …   Read more

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Mindful Media

By John EsterleRecently, I was fortunate to attend Images and Voices of Hope’s annual Summit. The people, the setting, and what transpired left me feeling, in a word, hopeful! Corny, I know, but there it is.I’m honored IVOH has posted some closing reflections I shared at the end of the summit, which can also be read below. I hope they, and Lois Fiore’s thoughtful summary, capture some of the flavor of this rich, distinctive event.John Esterle’s remarks at the end of Images & Voices of Hope SummitSeptember 18, 2011 I want to thank the Brahma Kumaris for hosting …   Read more

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