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New Nexus white paper “Born to Give: A Human Approach to Catalyzing Philanthropy”

First Posted by Nexus on July 22, 2015 on Nexus Blog

For the past five years, Nexus has bridged communities of wealth and social entrepreneurship and given birth to a movement that has spread all over the globe. Why has it been so successful? To better understand the innovation we have brought to the world and …   Read more

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A Mismatch Between Need and Affluence

This article was first published in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, we thought it would be a good one to share. 
American communities with high standards of living often have low charitable giving rates, a new Chronicle analysis finds.
Text by Rebecca Koenig and visuals by Meredith Myers
In a state with a moderate standard of living, Collin County, …   Read more

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How Do You Know Your Stories Are Making a Difference?

This article was written for and published in The Chronicle of Philanthropy on June 25th.

By Paul VanDeCarr

The “How Do We Know” web site uses garden tools as metaphors to provide fresh language for exploring media impact. Shovels, for example, represent investigative stories that dig for the truth.

For many storytellers — even advocacy storytellers — there …   Read more

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Challenging the Orthodoxies of Philanthropy

This piece is a repost, published on the Stanford Social Innovation Review website and written by Gabriel Kasper & Jess Ausinheiler.

Are traditional assumptions about how we “do” philanthropy preventing us from finding new and better ways of working?

Success stories about social change rarely start with large guns. But, as it turns out, there’s a lot that …   Read more

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Grantees Lifting Each Other’s Work Up: Repost from IVOH

The following post first published on the IVOH website, one of our grantees, lifts up the work of another one of our grantees, Active Voice, and their new project ONWARD.

By Ronnie Lovler 
Ronnie is an ivoh core team member and freelance writer, editor, and English/Spanish translator.
Not too long ago, I helped out a friend who was running for …   Read more

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