United States Capitol Building

Statement on the insurrection at the Capitol

By January 8, 2021

The President and his mob’s attack on our democracy at the US Capitol this week was horrific, disturbing, awful, and scary. It illuminated in stark fashion how close our broken democracy has come to the breaking point, how racism and white privilege manifest in our seats of power, and how words that demonize, demean and…

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“This Is Civity” Radio Show Podcast

By July 7, 2015

TWI grantee Civity has launched the Civity Radio Show Podcast series to explore different aspects of building civity — civity framed as people working across divides to address civic challenges rooted in inequities. In conversation with program host, Gina Balleria, Civity Co-Founders Malka Kopell and Palma Strand kicked off the series, followed by an interview…

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