The Tactics of Trust

By December 10, 2015

This article was first published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review. We wanted to repost this article because we like how it walks people through the processes they use and how they are linking trust with impact. Participants in a large, complex collaboration can build a capacity for finding common ground—and it doesn’t have to take…

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12 Awesome Things Funders Do

By August 19, 2015

We at TWI are in full agreement with Vu Le‘s recent post about 12 Things Funders Do right.  In fact, many of the 12 show up on TWI’s own compendium of 9 Practices of Trust-based Investment.  In a side by side comparison, it’s clear that respect, transparency, partnering in a true spirit of service, feedback…

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Would You Rather Be Ethical or Effective?

By May 15, 2015

At my first session at the Ashoka Future Forum called “Scaling Trust,” I witnessed again the power of story and vulnerability.  A woman of color executive director leading a movement of thousands strong asked a room full of social entrepreneurs, nonprofit executives, funders, and investors: In fundraising, why do I so often have to choose between…

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Common Application: Philanthropy and Increasing Accessibility

By May 5, 2015

What would it be like if foundations didn’t have to be catered to by nonprofits vying for funding for their mission-driven work? Having been a student and researcher for most of my life, in addition to working for several nonprofits, I have done–and will continue to do–many types of applications. While doing certain applications for…

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The Rockwood Way: Supporting Leaders To Lead

By April 17, 2015

“To change the way change is done… not just in this country, but all around the world.” -Stacy Kono, Director of Programs @ Rockwood Leadership Institute This week I was honored to sit down with Stacy Kono to speak with her about the work of the Rockwood Leadership Institute, as well as her own experiences…

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