Be the Cheetah! Nonprofit Leadership For Our Time

By August 1, 2013

By CJ Callen Originally posted at: While recently scanning The New York Times I came across this promo for the article “Cheetahs’ Secret Weapon: A Tight Turning Radius”: “A study shows that the large feline’s key to hunting success is not its speed but its skill at leaping sideways, changing directions abruptly, and slowing down quickly.”…

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Find Your Tribe: The “Who” of Leading Change

By March 5, 2013

By CJ CallenOriginally posted at:“who”-leading-change Recently I found myself chatting with someone with roots in philanthropy about my current effort to lead my organization in a process of re-imagining our future to increase our social impact. That person provided her insights and support; she recognized that my “big idea” for my organization sounded like it…

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Cross Fertilizing with InCommons

By April 16, 2012

In the interest of continuing to cross fertilize ideas with others interested in promoting listening, trust and relationship building processes, and respectful exchange, here’s a blog post about TWI’s 2012 retreat by Catharine Jordan, of the Bush Foundation.

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The Whitman Institute Retreat 2012

By March 30, 2012

By Pia Infante TWI’s 4th retreat, like many of our previous retreats, was marked by bountifully good weather, rich conversations and connections, and a sensibility of community and renewal. Yet, something happened this time. Something distinct, and extraordinary. I left, and many reported similarly, feeling powerfully connected, renewed, vibrant and inspired. One participant thought that…

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Relationship Building As A Measure of Impact

By October 20, 2011

By John Esterle (The following can also be found on Beth Kanter’s blog, as a guest post from John.) One of the themes raised up as the GEO/Monitor Institute conference came to an end was the importance of trust and relationship building in networks. Indeed, that was my theme for the day given that I…

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