The Metrics Myth

By March 10, 2015

Originally first published on the Blended Value site, written by Jed Emerson. Why Quantitative Presentation of Qualitative Value Matters Since at least the early ‘90s, those involved in the generation of more than money have been on a quest to capture the right balance between documentation of impact and claims to same. For me personally, I…

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Finding The Beat Within: Giving a Voice to Incarcerated Youth in America

By March 5, 2015

In 2016 The Beat Within will be 20 years old. This organization, started by David Inocencio in September of 1996 as a program within the Pacific News Service, gives incarcerated youth a space and publication to share their writing and art. David, and a group of volunteers including teachers, retirees, and other activists go into…

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Philanthropy Must Lead With Its Heart (from The Chronicle of Philanthropy)

By February 12, 2015

This post was first published in The Chronicle of Philanthropy and was written by Jennifer and Peter Buffet. TWI believes this piece is very much aligned with our values and the work we support so we wanted to share it in its entirety. Philanthropy Must Lead With Its Heart Enlarge Image By Jennifer and Peter…

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Philanthrogeek xChange 6: Interview with Shannon Farley

By February 10, 2015

Philanthrogeek author Nathaniel James did several interviews for his Philanthrogeek xChange series. In addition to his interview with John Esterle, he interviewed our board member Shannon Farley. As a TWI board member, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Fast Forward, an accelerator for tech nonprofits, and Founding Director of Spark, the nation’s largest network of millennial philanthropists; Shannon brings…

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3 Timely Tips for Using TWI’s New Website in 2015

By January 9, 2015

As the new year gets rolling, we are excited to present our new website – renewed not only in aesthetic but in purpose and content, namely to champion equity and dialogue in our sector. We invite you to explore: Lessons from the Field: We’re featuring colleagues who share lessons in promoting relationships, dialogue, and equity in their…

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