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Are Meaningful Conversations Considered Social Impact?: A Lesson from Grace Lee Boggs and American Revolutionary

By Sahar Driver, Program Director, Active Voice

Watch American Revolutionary – Trailer on PBS. See more from POV

This is a re-post from PBS’s POV Blog.
Sahar Driver, Active Voice Program Director, shares takeaways from Active Voice‘s engagement strategy and partnership with The World Cafe around POV’s “American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs“.

“Why are we afraid to talk to one another?”

This question set the tone for a recent dialogue at the Malcom X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Center in NYC, which followed a screening of Grace Lee’s film American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs. According to Active Voice program coordinator Micael Bogar who helped organize the event, “At that moment you could …   Read more

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A Network with No Expectations

By Pia InfanteThe practical magic and inspiration of Boston’s Barr Fellows Network story is captured simply by the following admission from Lyndia Downie, Executive Director of Pine Street Inn, – “I’m not sure I buy all this network theory, but I love the people in this network.”I encourage you to study this living history of how providing sometimes long divided (and very different) local leaders with opportunities to renew, connect, innovate, and be fish out of water together (in the global south) are some of the building blocks of “networking a city.” In the Barr Foundation’s learning partnership on networks with the Interaction Institute for Social Change, they coalesced existing understandings of networks and decided that the …   Read more

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Cultivating the Habits that Support Democracy

By Terry ChadseyMany years ago I had a formative experience in my own understanding of democracy. I was invited to facilitate a Land Use Task Force public meeting in a community best described as transitioning from rural to suburban. Their last meeting had ended in a fistfight. I began the meeting by playfully talking about how I was invited to help guide the process, but that I was neither a referee nor a police officer. Rather, I told those gathered that evening in a school cafeteria that I was a teacher and I had spent many years learning with school children about our …   Read more

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Wiser Together: Partnering Across Generations

By Juanita Brown and Ashley Cooper
Tucked away in the small Appalachian community of Burnsville, North Carolina, is a family farm and a place of meeting that has recently become the new home base for Juanita Brown and David Isaacs, Co-Founders of the World Café. Together with Ashley Cooper, a young educator, community organizer, and Executive Director of TEDxNextGenerationAsheville, they are collaborating with Juanita’s 90-year-old mother and younger members from the nearby community to deepen the legacy of the farm for future generations. In these “notes from the field,” Ashley and Juanita tell a story that was also featured in the Innovation Marketplace at the …   Read more

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More Than Money – Foundations As Strategic Partners

By Chris Gates, Executive Director, PACE – Philanthropy for Active Civic EngagementAs one of 38 affinity groups of the Council on Foundations, people are often confused about the role that we play in the philanthropic sector. PACE, and other affinity groups like it, works as a learning collaborative of funders doing work in the fields of civic engagement and democratic theory and practice. We think together, we share …   Read more

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