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Beyond the Rockstar Paradigm, Part II

Years ago, I blogged that social movement leadership needed to live into models that do not solely hinge on a single, visionary, rockstar leader.
One of TWI’s core partners, Building Movement Project, recently shared some key learning about their commitment to co-leadership.  Many of the points Frances makes resonate strongly with us, in particular the importance …   Read more

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Equity by Another Name

Asset management lingo feels so different from a philanthropic organization’s programmatic lingo – from “Equity” Valuations to Social, Political and Economic “Equity” – it’s no wonder that attempting to reconfigure investments towards social impact can feel bewildering and mysterious, especially when the world of finances and investments feel so distant from a foundation’s programmatic work. …   Read more

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Philanthropy Must Lead With Its Heart (from The Chronicle of Philanthropy)

This post was first published in The Chronicle of Philanthropy and was written by Jennifer and Peter Buffet. TWI believes this piece is very much aligned with our values and the work we support so we wanted to share it in its entirety.
Philanthropy Must Lead With Its Heart
buffett oped 20150212Enlarge Image

By Jennifer …   Read more

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Placing Your Trust in Trust: A Lesson from the Field

This is homage to the work of a foundation that made a commitment to doing things differently:  Bayview Hunters Point Community Fund.  Many foundations have launched grant making and capacity building initiatives but when it was the Bayview Hunters Point Community Fund’s turn, they decided to lead with recognition of the importance of trust, which …   Read more

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Are Meaningful Conversations Considered Social Impact?: A Lesson from Grace Lee Boggs and American Revolutionary

By Sahar Driver, Program Director, Active Voice

Watch American Revolutionary – Trailer on PBS. See more from POV

This is a re-post from PBS’s POV Blog.
Sahar Driver, Active Voice Program Director, shares takeaways from Active Voice‘s engagement strategy and partnership with The World Cafe around POV’s “American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs“.

“Why are we afraid to talk to one another?”

This question set the tone for a recent dialogue at the Malcom X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Center in NYC, which followed a screening of Grace Lee’s film American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs. According to Active Voice program coordinator Micael Bogar who helped organize the event, “At that moment you could …   Read more

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