Happy New Year!

January 11, 2013 //

Happy New Year, everyone!  

We hope you have glided with grace, ease, and vibrance into 2013.  Here are a few notes for our network that we send with love into these first, fresh days of the year.
A New Face
We’re welcoming Fabienne Doze to the team to provide much needed, hands on communications and administrative support a few days a week.
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Fabienne is a recent graduate of Golden Gate University where she received her Master of Arts in Psychology with honors. She volunteers for the International Coach Federation – San Francisco Bay Area Coaches as Director of Virtual Programs where she researches and tests technology for virtual meetings and coordinates gatherings in the Bay of San Francisco. During her studies, she worked as the Global Strategic Initiative Manager for a social media start-up and was responsible for developing and launching some the organization’s largest Organizational Development programs. Prior to her Master, she pursued a Bachelor of Business Administration in France during which she worked in Business Development, Communication, Marketing, Public Relations and Management Consulting for a variety of businesses in many countries, such as France, England, Morocco, and the United States. Welcome Fabienne!

Connect, Connect, Connect
We want to gently remind you about the TWI Connection Fund.  Fiscal Year 2012-2013 Connections Fund:  As a way to encourage our network to be in relationship we have set aside resources for “connecting.” Up to $1,000 per nonprofit organization that attended the retreat is available. For budgetary reasons, we are limiting the eligible organizations to either current or former grantees. This resource is an invitation to follow up on conversations, to come together for mutual learning and support, or to just get to know each other and explore possibilities. The funds are unrestricted and can be used for travel, meals, renting space, etc. Configurations can be of any size as long as at least two of you are partnering on an endeavor to connect. This resource is available from August, 2012 until June 30, 2013.

Participation is completely voluntary and emergent. Our aim here is to experiment with how we can support connection and collaboration within the TWI community in ways that move both our individual and our collective work forward. Please let us know if you have any questions, and contact Pia or John if you’d like to pursue a connection.

You Make Us Smile
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We look forward to hearing your stories of struggle and triumph, and laughing with you in the coming year.  Without you, there is no magic amalgem of good people and organizations that we are happy to call our network.  Thank you for all the ways you creatively are demonstrating the potential and power of TWI’s mission:

We invest in the power of relationships, constructive dialogue and the connections they generate to trigger problem solving and creative approaches required to achieve our vision of a healthy, peaceful, equitable and sustainable world.