Rules to Give By Can Be Hard Habits to Break

Recently, TWI grantee Nexus Global Youth Summit put out a study on global tax codes that encourage or prevent individual and organizational giving. It’s called “Rules to Give By” and it’s fascinating. The findings were by and large that 77% of the countries indexed do indeed provide tax incentives for giving, a heartening fact.  I …   Read more

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5 Lessons from a Connections Fund About Collaboration

Like many funders, TWI has wondered and experimented with how to creatively enable and support collaboration – cross sector, cross strategy, cross issue, cross movement. Every 18 months or so we host a retreat designed to bring our network of grantees, funder friends, and like hearted colleagues together with the simple intention of building …   Read more

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3 Timely Tips for Using TWI’s New Website in 2015

As the new year gets rolling, we are excited to present our new website – renewed not only in aesthetic but in purpose and content, namely to champion equity and dialogue in our sector.
We invite you to explore:
Lessons from the Field: We’re featuring colleagues who share lessons in promoting relationships, dialogue, and equity in their work and …   Read more

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Trust As A Way Forward

by Pia Infante

The Context

Recently, we hosted a salon on The Role of Trust in Our Work – attended by a mixed group of funder friends, grantees, capacity builders, and consultants. The prompt sparked our thinking about how to design relationships, collaboration and convening that intentionally scaffold trust building. We all agreed that powerful social good impact cannot happen without trust, and often we get to new solutions and effective collaboration towards community and policy change at “the speed of trust.”

The conversation brought forth a number of different forms and paces of trust that I found compelling. Here is a brief (incomplete) list for types of trust building that could be of use in our …   Read more

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In Between: 3 Tips to Transition from One Leadership Role to the Next

By Pia Infante
At the end of May, I took time off between my previous job at Rockwood directing transformational capacity building work and a new role as Co-Executive Director of The Whitman Institute (TWI). I was leaving a beloved and highly time intensive non-profit role for a new one that held the exciting promise of intentional co-leadership and experimentation in philanthropy.

A of couple of months post transition, I reflect back on the “in between” period with some levity, and clarity.

Well before I started at TWI, I recall telling myself, and others: “I haven’t started yet, let me get back to you after I’ve started!” I was demonstrating a phenomenon I’ve witnessed often – shortchanging …   Read more

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