Join Us for NCRP’s Cultivating Leadership Webinar (Featuring Pia Infante)

From NCRP:

Social change isn’t possible without effective leaders on the ground dedicated to the hard work of changing hearts and minds. Without support, even the most passionate changemakers are at risk of burning out, a great blow to the movements they lead. While embraced by some foundations and progressive organizations, new research from NCRP shows …   Read more

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The Metrics Myth

Originally first published on the Blended Value site, written by Jed Emerson.
Why Quantitative Presentation of Qualitative Value Matters
Since at least the early ‘90s, those involved in the generation of more than money have been on a quest to capture the right balance between documentation of impact and claims to same. For me personally, I have been …   Read more

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Finding The Beat Within: Giving a Voice to Incarcerated Youth in America

In 2016 The Beat Within will be 20 years old. This organization, started by David Inocencio in September of 1996 as a program within the Pacific News Service, gives incarcerated youth a space and publication to share their writing and art. David, and a group of volunteers including teachers, retirees, and other activists go into …   Read more

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IVOH: Accepting Nominations for Exceptional Media Professionals

From the Images & Voice of Hope website (here you can read more about IVOH and their restorative narrative work):

During this year’s summit, Images & Voices of Hope will hold our annual Awards of Appreciation ceremony, which recognizes outstanding media professionals from a variety of fields.

The awards celebrate organizations and individuals whose media projects show a …   Read more

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Announcing the Cultivating Nonprofit Leadership Report from NCRP

As an NCRP member, TWI is pleased to repost this announcement of the Cultivating Nonprofit Leadership: A (Missed?) Philanthropic Opportunity Report. We are also pleased to see some of our grantees prominently featured in the report:
Social justice work cannot happen without the leadership of strong, skilled and connected individuals passionate about the work they do. …   Read more

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