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The Rockwood Way: Supporting Leaders To Lead

“To change the way change is done… not just in this country, but all around the world.”
-Stacy Kono, Director of Programs @ Rockwood Leadership Institute
This week I was honored to sit down with Stacy Kono to speak with her about the work of the Rockwood Leadership Institute, as well as her own experiences with leadership …   Read more

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The Promise and Potential of Place-Based Leadership Programs

[This post was first published on NCRP’s blog] Photo courtesy of LeaderSpring.
By Cynthia A. Chavez
Editor’s Note: This piece is the third in a series featuring leadership development experts on the value they’ve found in NCRP’s new report,Cultivating Nonprofit Leadership: A (Missed?) Philanthropic Opportunity. For past posts, click here.
In the early 1990s, I had an inspiring mentor, Dr. …   Read more

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Cultivating Nonprofit Leadership Webinar: Key Take-Aways

Yesterday, NCRP hosted Cultivating Leadership in Movement Building, a webinar designed to accompany the recent release of their report, Cultivating Nonprofit Leadership: A (missed) Philanthropic Opportunity.  Ryan Schlegel, who co-authored the report, moderated and the speakers were Jodie Tonita, Pia Infante, and Taj James. Each speaker discussed why cultivating leadership in the realm of social …   Read more

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8 Ways Funders Can & Do Support Emergent Racial Justice Movements

The week after #Selma50, and in the wake of the rising visibility of modern movements for racial justice like #blacklivesmatter, is as timely as ever to highlight the ways funders can and do support emergent racial justice movement building – particularly those that were catalyzed by the events in Ferguson, whose police force is the …   Read more

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Philanthropy Must Lead With Its Heart (from The Chronicle of Philanthropy)

This post was first published in The Chronicle of Philanthropy and was written by Jennifer and Peter Buffet. TWI believes this piece is very much aligned with our values and the work we support so we wanted to share it in its entirety.
Philanthropy Must Lead With Its Heart
buffett oped 20150212Enlarge Image

By Jennifer …   Read more

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