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From The Kids’ Table To The Adults’ Table: Taking Relationships Seriously in a World of Networks

By John Esterle, Malka Kopell & Palma Strand Thanks to all our colleagues who shared this story! Thanks to PACE for making it available to its members and to Cindy Gibson who sent it to her national network. Follow the links to read the insightful introduction to this article from Niki Jagpal on NCRP’s Blog, the kind words of the NCG and Phil Buchanan’s highlight on The CEP blog.You can download the article on The Whitman Institute’s website.In recent years, funders, practitioners and academics have been paying increased attention to the key role social networks play in addressing issues of public concern. Collective impact, funder-supported grantee networks, and cross-sector collaborations all reflect this trend. Our own experiences—in philanthropy, consulting, and academia—lead us to applaud the network “crescendo” and join the chorus. …   Read more

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Purpose & Passion: 3 Stories

Jon FunabikiIn our summer newsletter, Jill Blair framed TWI’s theory of change as dialogue + connection + relationships= impact.How to capture that equation in compelling and creative ways is an ongoing question for TWI – as it is for many who participate in gatherings that open up spaces for meaningful conversation and connection.

Jon Funabiki, Renaissance Journalism’s Executive Director admirably meets that challenge with his recent postsabout “Purpose and Passion,” a storytelling retreat for journalists– and that TWI was pleased to support. I urge you to read all three.

In his first post, Jon provides a thoughtful overview of what transpired and some of the people involved. His second explores the metaphor of …   Read more

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Connect To A Network Of Likeminded Organizations

At the Whitman Institute, we invest in the power of relationships, constructive dialogue, and the connections they generate to trigger problem solving and creative approaches required to achieve our vision.  As we move into 2013, we are looking towards inviting ever more opportunities for our network to connect to each other.  In that vein, we have “found” some of you online and compiled 2 lists of places to roam to better learn about what people in our network are up to, what questions they sitting with, and what they are working on. You can also find the list of blogs here and the Twitter feeds there. Enjoy!Follow us @TWI_2022 and subscribe to our blog (on the right hand side of this post)!Did we forget to …   Read more

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!  We hope you have glided with grace, ease, and vibrance into 2013.  Here are a few notes for our network that we send with love into these first, fresh days of the year.A New FaceWe’re welcoming Fabienne Doze to the team to provide much needed, hands on communications and administrative support a few days a week.  Inline image 1Fabienne is a recent graduate of Golden Gate University where she received her Master of Arts in Psychology with honors. She volunteers for the International Coach Federation – San Francisco Bay Area Coaches as Director of Virtual Programs where she researches and tests technology for virtual meetings and coordinates gatherings in the Bay of San Francisco. During …   Read more

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Is Grantmaking Getting Smarter?

In 2011 Grantmakers for Effective Organizations heard from 775 foundations about grantmaking practices GEO identified as contributing to healthy and successful nonprofits (general operating/unrestricted grants, multiyear funding, and capacity-building support). With Is Grantmaking Getting Smarter?, GEO reports on the results of their survey.
Unfortunately, the answer to their question is “no.”
On the bright side, grantmaking isn’t getting dumber as GEO found “little to no movement across a variety of practices from whether a foundation provided some level of general operating or capacity-building support to whether they tracked administrative requirements to their reasons for conducting evaluations.” As they point out, no backsliding is something to …   Read more

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