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When To Hit "Pause"

March 1, 2011by Pia Infante “Meanings are in people, not words.” – Alfred Korzybski, Founder, Institute for General Semantics Ok. Raise your hands if – (Really, raise them, even though we can’t actually see you. It’s good for circulation!) – you’ve heard the word transformative to describe leadership development, organizational change, social policy, or any kind of experience at least once today. I’m guessing that if you work in philanthropy or the non-profit sector that your hands are up! And it’s not surprising. In a meeting this morning, I …   Read more

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Is it a strategy? An outcome? A tool? It’s a Network!

By Pia InfanteFebruary 2, 2011 From the Hollywood hit The Social Network to the recently published non-profit “how to” guide The Networked Nonprofit, it’s clear that in the private, public, and philanthropic sectors – we are abuzz about the power of networks. Particularly social networks. I had the opportunity a few days ago, at the Leadership and Networks Conversation co-hosted by the Leadership Learning Community and The Monitor Institute, to reflect with a lively and lovely group of smart people on the phenomenon known as networks. [Or perhaps formerly known as coalitions and associations.] My break away discussion group was made up of folks …   Read more

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A TWI Community

By John EsterleJanuary 18, 2011 As Pia noted in her recent post, TWI starts 2011 with a recommitment to seeding our blog on at least a weekly basis. Why? Because we think it can be a way for the TWI community to stay connected with what we’re thinking, feeling, and doing; what we’re reading, observing, and hearing. Hopefully, that connection will enable our community to grow and connect with like-minded individuals, organizations, and networks. In the past I’ve resisted publicly naming that there is a TWI “community.” Given that community is a strong, somewhat overused word,I was leery about using it in terms …   Read more

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If it Bleeds it Leads?

The Politics of Attention in the Tenderloin

By James Tracy

[ The power of story and different conceptions of leadership are two themes we continue to explore with our blog. Today, we’re pleased to present this post from guest blogger, James Tracy, who runs the Community Housing Organizing Project of TWI grantee Community Housing Partnership. The Community Housing Partnership was created as a partnership between formerly homeless individuals and housing developers. The Community Housing Organizing Project, led by James Tracy, provides structure for the organization’s community-building work, improves advocacy, and strengthens the leadership development pipeline.]

Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? Long live the rose that grew …   Read more

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2010: Serving the Emerging Paradigm

by Pia Infante In this New York Times’ 2009 Year in Pictures snapshot, I was reminded that this Administration, for all its disappointed high hopes for year one, does attempt/intend to do a successively modern iteration of public dialogue. And even though this picture documents the improbable meeting of four men, the public dialogue I’m thinking of is actually far more wide-spread (think 308,243,000 residents in the U.S. alone) and much more viral (think gmail or twitter), but retains the premise of engaging folks across spectrums, geography, and (most importantly) preferred company. As evidenced by the Open Government efforts (expertly followed by NCDD) and the tech/social …   Read more

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