Purpose & Passion: 3 Stories

Jon FunabikiIn our summer newsletter, Jill Blair framed TWI’s theory of change as dialogue + connection + relationships= impact.How to capture that equation in compelling and creative ways is an ongoing question for TWI – as it is for many who participate in gatherings that open up spaces for meaningful conversation and connection.

Jon Funabiki, Renaissance Journalism’s Executive Director admirably meets that challenge with his recent postsabout “Purpose and Passion,” a storytelling retreat for journalists– and that TWI was pleased to support. I urge you to read all three.

In his first post, Jon provides a thoughtful overview of what transpired and some of the people involved. His second explores the metaphor of …   Read more

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Is Grantmaking Getting Smarter?

In 2011 Grantmakers for Effective Organizations heard from 775 foundations about grantmaking practices GEO identified as contributing to healthy and successful nonprofits (general operating/unrestricted grants, multiyear funding, and capacity-building support). With Is Grantmaking Getting Smarter?, GEO reports on the results of their survey.
Unfortunately, the answer to their question is “no.”
On the bright side, grantmaking isn’t getting dumber as GEO found “little to no movement across a variety of practices from whether a foundation provided some level of general operating or capacity-building support to whether they tracked administrative requirements to their reasons for conducting evaluations.” As they point out, no backsliding is something to …   Read more

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