A Fundamental Review of Fundamentalism

August 1, 2011 //

By Pia Infante

Andrew Himes recently published a fascinating look at his family’s history and relationship with religious fundamentalism called Sword of the Lord. With the notion of fundamentalism, in recent years, being associated primarily with terrorism or irrationality, this complex and nuanced dialectic about it, from the perspective of a son and grandson of fundamentalist preachers, offers a fresh look at what seems to be a very old story.

This book is at the top of my summer reading list, and while still in the first chapters, it is proving to be an engaging read. I visited the website recently and found an interview of Andrew that may be of interest to you, whether you take a gander at Sword of the Lord or not.

My interest in strategies that open the possibility for dialogue across difference are definitely piqued here…

And do let us know, as Edd did earlier this year – what’s at the top of your reading list?