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Milllenials: From the Next Generation to the Now Generation

By Pia InfanteWhenever I hear the phrase “the next generation,” the first notion that comes to mind is the Star Trek: Next Generation t.v. series which ran from 1987 to 1994. Wow. As I write this I’m realizing this is not a current pop culture reference – dating me as the Gen X’er that I am! I use it here to refer to Millennials – the generation born roughly between 1980 and 2000. And I’ve been reminded of the phrase because I was pleased to see that a couple of Millennial leaders from our TWI midst have been recently recognized as …   Read more

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No time for Learning?

By John EsterleMay 19, 2011How do you build in learning when there’s no time to learn?Grantcraft asked its readers (primarily grantmakers) that question and over 1,400 people responded. Grantcraft has captured the major themes that emerged from this survey in a concise new paper they just put out. Here are their main recommendations: 1. Establish a culture of learning by building learning into routine processes. 2. Raise the profile of learning by noticing when it happens and naming it explicitly.3. Cultivate personal habits of learning that work for you. 4. Try new activities – but choose wisely and keep things simple.They also …   Read more

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Whose Story?

May 10, 2011

By Jill Blair

Context: I proudly chair the board of TWI and hold a deep and abiding commitment to the power of process and dialogue. I live according to the belief that it is only what we work our way through in words and feelings that we are able to truly embrace and embody. I have always relied on stories to help me understand and to convey my understanding to others.

Living & Learning Abroad
Today is May 10, 2011. I am seated at our breakfast/dining table in our rental apartment in Jerusalem, Israel. Our family has been living here since …   Read more

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How Do You Like to Receive Disconfirming Data?

April 22, 2011By Pia InfanteAn executive leadership coach I know often initiates a new client relationship with the question: “How do you like to receive disconfirming data?” The irony being that most people don’t like to receive disconfirming data at all. Our brains process unexpected data by a) sounding an amygdala alarm bell throughout our nervous system or, as is so common, b) by not absorbing it at all, selectively taking in only what it expects to perceive.I’m utterly fascinated by my own brain’s ability to skip over disconfirming data repeatedly – a.k.a., visualize me tripping over a newly placed chair …   Read more

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The Difference between Dialogue and Debate

April 8, 2011By John EsterleOn March 4th, I attended California Council for Humanities’ “Forum on Democracy and the Culture of Civic Conversation.” The Forum was the kick-off event for CCH’s promising new two-year statewide initiative, Searching for Democracy. The day featured a thoughtful and informative mix of speakers and panels, but it was the closing session that stuck with me.At one point the panel conversation featured much talk about dialogue and democracy, so in the Q&A; I asked the speakers what they thought were the key elements of dialogue. I particularly wanted to hear their thoughts because in the opening session someone …   Read more

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